Lost & Found, Book 1 in The E Apocrypha series


In a world shattered by loss of technology, survivors live off the scraps of the fallen civilization.

Ambitious young scavenger Yun-mi is thrilled that her mentor is finally taking her trading. Events take a horrific turn when his murder leads to her being sold to slavers. Driven by her ferocious determination, Yun-mi fights against her abductor. Survival depends on aligning herself with powerful allies, yet whom can she trust in the fractured society?

His first assignment as a recruit in the religious confederation military leads Buck into the fabled City. The brutal reality he finds along the way destroys any fairy-tale notions he clings to. Rocked by the revelations, Buck sees all the fundamental ideas he’s been raised on crumbling before his eyes. Is he truly one of the good guys? Or part of the problem plaguing the land?

As Yun-mi and Buck’s paths cross, they must work together on a mission that could alter the course of history. Forced to rely on one another, can they grant their decaying world another chance? Or will Yun-mi and Buck become collateral damage?


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Here Be Dragons, Book 3 in The E Apocrypha series




Technology is power. More so, in the world where both are sparse. But would those possessing the former share the vision of the latter?


Kat, a fierce pirate with a lot to prove, disowned for insubordination and left ashore to face certain death.


Karim, an officer with demons to fight and revenge to exact, struggling with reconciling his homeland’s troubling past.


Denny, a young smuggler and wannabe criminal mastermind, forced to flip to the legit side by a betrayal at the peak of his career.


The three find themselves, through a sequence of unrelated events, unwilling participants of an irrational journey beyond the edge of the known map, where be dragons. Will their skills, smarts, and sacrifice be enough to stave off the disaster and save the day? Is the day even worth saving, or is their visionary leader’s obsession with technology misplaced?

As & When, Book 2 in The E Apocrypha series


They’ve messed with the wrong woman. Aileen’s got a city to run—its shady part, in any case. Abducted and whisked away from Locksville, she refuses to be a pawn in powerful players’ games. She most definitely is not a damsel in distress and needs no freakin knights in shining armor to come to her rescue. Alas, her best-laid escape plans misfire, landing her in even hotter waters far away from home. Aileen must find her footing in an unfamiliar, unforgiving society, fighting tooth and nail to survive.

Bo, Aileen’s sharp and grumpy advisor, would move mountains to find her, his limp and aversion to violence be damned to the Seven Hells! He wouldn’t trust anyone else with the impossible search for the most important person in his life.

Ajinder, executive protection specialist, won’t tolerate his principal being taken—by someone other than himself. He is no stranger to dispensing violence and doesn’t shy away from being on its receiving end. With his motivation stretching beyond pure professionalism, woe to those who question his skills and determination.

Will their grit, smarts, ruthless single-mindedness, and game-changing technology be enough to find Aileen before it’s too late?


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Lesson Number Six, A Prequel Short Story in The E Apocrypha series


Yun-mi, a young scavenger aspiring to become her clan’s best Rat, is cornered.
Has she bitten more than she can chew? Had she sharpened her skills enough to survive the ambush? Or… Wait... Not everything may be what it seems.

This short story prequel provides a glimpse into the past of one of the Lost & Found protagonists, a year before the events of Book 1 of The E Apocrypha.


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